How To Get Rid Of Weed Grass

The likeliness is that you’ve suffered from this problem at some point or you will do in the future (or you currently do!).

This is up there as one of the top pain points for lawn owners across the UK.

What are we referring to?

Weed grasses!

Why are they a problem?

Completely ruining the uniformity of your lawn, creating a coarse, spikey feeling underfoot and rapidly spreading to replace your lush, healthy desired grass, it can feel like a nightmare when you see weed grasses pop up.

These nuisances like annual meadow grass and Yorkshire fog appear at random throughout the year and take hold of your lawn as their seeds are blown over from nearby fields, adjacent neighbours and beyond.

How to identify them?

And they can often be identified as they are a completely different shade of green to your desired grasses, are coarser and often grow laterally rather than upwards (making them difficult to mow!).

How to deal with them?

Unfortunately there are no products available in the UK that target these without harming the rest of your lawn as they were all banned.

You can, however, reduce their appearance by raking them up straight before mowing to ensure they are cut properly.

So what are we going to do with them?

To get rid of them you will have to dig them out from the root and reseed.

To ensure the whole lawn looks uniform you’ll have to over seed the whole lawn or at least use the same seed mix as used on the rest of the lawn.

Now you know how to get rid of weed grass, you can do with knowing how to prevent them!

How to prevent them?

While it is quite possible they might come back at random in the future, the best defence is keeping your lawn thick and healthy throughout the year to prevent space opening up for the weed grasses to grow.

The same goes for weeds, moss & pests!

What can I use to reseed?

The Lawn Pack and The Lawn ‘From Scratch’ Pack are both suitable for reseeding any areas affected by weeds grasses or that are struggling in general.

Applying over the whole lawn makes sure the results will be lush and uniform across the whole area.

Many of our customers have dealt with and fixed issues like weeds grasses, poor growth levels and bare/dead/yellow patches. 

Hopefully know you know how to identify and how to get rid of weed grass. As always, get in touch if you have any questions or need any advice.

Stay green ✌️

The Lawn Pack Team

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