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Rear lawn renovation

Well Happy,
a few patches after first mow on high setting these hopefully will join up as lawn thickens after more mows.
Thank You! Peter Curran.

Highly recommend The Lawn Pack

My grass looked beyond repair after so much rain plus neighbours with no drainage under artificial grass but after see The Lawn Pack on instagram I decided to try it. I bought the ultimate lawn pack which transformed the lawn. Living in a new build I also aerated and treated for leatherjackets. Once looking healthier, I started on removing the random grass/weeds so bought extra seed. Being so pleased with the results I’ve now subscribed to the seasonal subscription. Highly recommended!

Very sceptical but proved wrong

I , as I’m sure like many others , kept seeing this advert was reading the reviews etc etc and finally took the bait. Was very sceptical I’ve driven my wife nuts with my obsession with the lawn but so far after a month it looks 10 times betters. I’ve been super devoted to watering it , although so has the sky lately 🙄, and I followed the steps as per instructions to the finest detail. Mine was quite bad so I did buy additional seed after the first pack took hold . I think my pictures prove this works and this is just over 4 weeks after I started . First pic was 8th June

After seeing the reviews and pictures online I decided to purchase the lawn pack. The results were amazing within 2 weeks of applying the iron sulphate and after scarification i applied the lawn pack and the grass was a lot greener and thicker. The guides are very easy to follow and the grass is looking greener and thicker than it has ever looked. I subscribed to the seasonal pack also so I can continue to use the right products for the right season.

The Lawn Pack
It works

If you follow the instructions you won’t be disappointed.

The Summer Pack
Patricia H.
Fabulous 💯

So thrilled going from really really poor new build grass to lush dark green grass unbelievable. Highly recommend I am now going to do front areas 🥰

The Lawn Pack
Philip M.
Great looking Lawn after 4 weeks

The transformation in the lawn after 4 weeks was remarkable. A few small patches that didn't develop but perhaps that was down to seed distribution or the birds being fed.
Now doing the front lawn.

Lawn looking good!

Very happy with the results so far, I reseeded in April and with the summer pack I have never seen my lawn so green!!

The Lawn Pack
Paul B.
Excellent products

We had some building work done earlier in the year and grass got ruined. After using this product last year on another area of my garden I decided to completely start from scratch and I rotavated this area and got it all level. I followed the easy instructions as before and within 3 weeks the results were brilliant. Many people have said how thick and good it looks.

The Lawn Pack
Definitely the best product on the market!

I was unsure about using this at first as other similar products had promised similar results but had let me down. The Lawn Pack helped so much with filling the garden with nice lush green thick grass. (We have a major drainage issue being the bottom of a steep hill and heavy clay but we are using soil improvers and regularly applying 70/30 top dressing. I am also waiting till the end of the 12 week application period to remove unsightly weed grass and correct with left over from pack). Found it easy to apply and very quick to see results. Pictures represent week 0 (pre-application) and week 8.

Preston based lawn revival project!

Massive difference and seems to get better as the weeks roll on

The Lawn Pack
Tony T.
I'm a sceptic

I am the biggest sceptic but I am so impressed with the lawn pack I followed the instructions and I must admit got a little worried I still had patches but jack and the team talked me through patience is priority just wait till the 4 weeks and follow the instructions I wish I had bought a spreader as I think it would produce a more even spread maybe worth including in the pack but overall I am very happy

The Lawn Pack
Andy W.
Lawn back in great condition

Really happy with results so far. I was to late the party this year on my annual lawn renovation due to the crappy weather, however using the products from Lawnpack I’m very impressed with results. I’m quite OCD with my lawns and as a first time user of these products I was a little apprehensive however I can’t fault it. I will most definitely be using it again in the future

The Lawn Pack
Ryan B.
Great results!!

Great products that are really easy to use with simple instructions then just sit back and watch it grow!! Would definitely recommend!

Replacing old lawn

The lawn in our garden had always been patchy and full of weeds that would take over. After trying so many 'off the shelf' seed packs, nothing was improving and I'd had enough. After seeing The Lawn Pack on Instagram and reading many reviews, I thought it was about time I gave it a go. And I'm sooo glad I did! After only 3 weeks our lawn is almost fully covered and has even had a cut because of how fast it's grown! It's is absoloutly lovely to look at, and is even better to step on without shoes or socks 😁 I'm absolutely loving it and still have a few steps to follow which means it's going to be even better 👍 Thank you The Lawn Pack, thank you!

The Business 👌🏼

Does what it says on the website, we are well impressed

The Summer Pack
Damian H.
Lawn Pack revives my lawn

Just started using lawnpack products but they have already started to have a positive effect on the lawn. Grass is lush and green in colour, and definitely thicker too. I would recommend.

Like ah and green

Made a big difference to the lawn, which as starting to yellow

The Lawn Pack
Tomas H.
Absolutely fantastic, it really works!!

Was very sceptical as our lawn looked awful with alot of bare patches, weed and thatch! Spent some time researching as lawn care is new to me and came across this pack, followed the very simple instructions and within 2 weeks could already tell we were in for a surprise, 3 weeks+ now and it's just getting better, would definitely recommend as the results and money back guarantee speak for themselves! Very happy indeed.

5 Star Performance

Amazing results, let the photos do the talking!


My lawn is now so full and thick. Really happy with the results. Highly recommend.

Interesting product

Just joined lawn pack used the summer pack happy with the results at the moment growing well rich in color trying hard to get the lawn looking good looking forward to the next order thank you

I now have grass 🙏

Super helpful customer support. Helpful from pre purchase to post purchase. Cannot fault a thing. I would highly recommend if you need grass or your grass needs sorting, don’t look anywhere else!!

A must buy

I have been so impressed with these packs. I love how I get all the products I need, for the time of year, measured out for my lawn, in one box. The instructions and videos are really easy to follow, you do not need to be an expert. I am a complete beginner, previously I’ve just cut the lawn and added something every now and then that I’ve picked up from the supermarket! I’ve even ended up causing myself even more problems by over fertilising and burning the lawn. I have had such great results in such a short time. The lawn is on a new build and so is not the best quality now it looks just as good as my neighbour’s lawn who is spending over £30 per month with Green Thumb. The pictures are from when I’ve scarified all the moss out and then after applying the packs just a few weeks later. I am still in the process of improving the lawn with the summer pack.

Some patches

I applied the ultimate transformation kit end of April and was extremely happy with the results. I then applied the summer pack but some areas don't seem to be growing at the same rate as as the majority of the lawn. These areas are also not as green. I have applied both the fertiliser and booster evenly over the whole lawn. Was wondering if there is anything else I can do to rectify these areas? Kev.