Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer
Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer
Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer

Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer

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Mycorrhizae are essential for grass health, attaching to the roots, they can increase the surface area for nutrient and water uptake by over 300%.

Bent, fescue and rye grasses rely heavily on mycorrhizae for survival in nature.

  • Technology used by championship golf and football pitches to produce championship results
  • Improves establishment of grass seed in new and old lawns
  • Greatly improves the root mass and increases nutrient uptake
  • Creates healthy grass which is less prone to disease and recovers faster from wear
  • Aids natural plant health and resistance to stressors e.g. drought
  • Simply hand mix with the seeds before applying
Root system with Mycorrhizal Fungi vs normal root system


Customer Reviews

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Tracy M.

As you can see when I first had the turf it was yellow and not green even with watering. Added some seed and followed the instructions from the pack. Now after first cut still very green and lush. I have now cut for a third time and the grass is still as green - lasting well. Very happy.

Thanks so much for your review Tracy. Looks really great! Get in touch if you need anything in the future!

Sheba F.

I was sceptical at first but having some patience , I am absolutely delighted, I love my new grass it's like a blanket which you can lie down in

Hey Sheba!

Thanks so much for your review and video!

So happy that we were able to help :)

Carolyn S.

Thank you to the happy lawn company our lawn was looking very dry and dead before the pack and fungi were put down. It took just over 3 weeks for the lawn to turn around even with our dog still playing on it. We will put it down again if the lawn ever gets to that state in the future. Thanks again.