The Spring Pack
The Spring Pack
The Spring Pack

The Spring Pack

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The perfect combination to turbocharge growth throughout spring for up to 3 months.

Greener Growth Fertiliser

A high quality spring fertiliser suitable for all domestic lawn owners looking to get luscious deep green growth for up to 3 months.

Contains a combination of fast-release nitrogen for fast results within a few days after application and slow-release nitrogen to maintain lush growth for up to 12 weeks without the need for excessive mowing. This blend's release pattern makes it perfect for both spring to encourage to lawn to thicken up and thrive.

NPK: 20-10-10

Can be applied once the threat of frost is over until late summer. Application from March to September is recommended.

Safe for use on lawns where dogs, cats and children play.

Application Rate: 25-35 g/sqm

Biostimulant Booster

The organic biostimulant develops root depth, density and microbiology in the soil while allowing greater nutrient absorption on the grass leaf. It provides the grasses with complex beneficial micronutrients and a balanced supply of amino acids. It encourages healthy shoot and root growth and significantly increase the mass of the root network and the density of the grass blades. The lawn will be invigorated and when used throughout the year it helps maintain excellent turf condition. 

  • Beneficial for seed germination
  • Enhanced quality of vegetative growth
  • Increased resistance to pest and environmental stress
  • Contains high level of plant essential compounds
  • Improves soil microbiology (key for long-term results)

The Biostimulant Booster is best applied with a pressure sprayer for the most even application but is absolutely fine to apply using a watering can with a fine rose head. 

Customer Reviews

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Great results in 3 weeks!

I'm a complete novice with lawncare, and I'm absolutely blown away by the results I've gotten following the lawnpack's instructions.
Would highly recommend!

Excellent result

After a small drama receiving my pack i finally got to work on my lawn and have been very impressed with the end results . I followed the instructions and the results speak for themselves . I have used other products over the years but this one is by far the best . Cheers

Amazing. Lush green grass finally

With 2 dogs and a 5yr old our lawn has a tough life. I’ve previously spent a small fortune on seed that never grows. I took a chance with lawn pack, followed the instructions to the letter and sowed the seed on the 5th May. They germinated in 5 days and not even 3 weeks later we have a lush green lawn with no bare patches!!! First cut today and I’m very very happy