Our Story

How it all started...

Half a decade transforming lawns.

We were founded based on a question formed from years of experience owning a successful independent lawn care company in Leicestershire:

How can we help people across the country transform their lawn easily without a team of professionals (AKA us!)?

An idea was formed.

One of our happy test subjects!

We had to create a pack of products containing some of the same professional formulations which had resulted in SO many happy customers over the years. 

Now professional products usually come with a professional application process, so these products needed to be:

  • EASY
  • FAST
  • Possible for absolutely anyone to do with NO PRIOR LAWN KNOWLEDGE

As well as that - anyone who knows about lawns knows that each lawn is different. The pack needed to be able to transform ANY lawn regardless of its condition.

Many tests were conducted to develop the exact product selection for the very BEST results with the easiest application process.

Packs were sent across the country to a huge range of people from:

  • friends
  • family
  • neighbours of friends
  • friends of neighbours of friends
  • dogs of friends of neighbours of friends
  • and more!

The combination which delivered the most consistent professional results in all scenarios was found...

Our company was born in 2021.

Our green-fingered founder - Jack.

The Lawn Pack.

The mission is to deliver a simple, stress-free way for ALL homeowners to achieve professional results on their lawn. 

Measured out for specific lawn sizes, these custom delivery packs will transform and maintain even the unruliest of lawns by:

  • providing the correct nutrient profiles
  • improving soil microbiology
  • developing a more resilient, vibrant and healthier turf with a denser root network.

In 2021 we transformed over 1000 lawns across the UK and maintained a 4.9/5 star rating. Now fast-forward to 2024 and we've transformed over 20,000 lawns - hopefully yours is next!

Feel free to take a look at The Lawn Pack to discover exactly how it can help your lawn or get in touch if you have questions.