March Lawn Checklist

February Review

It has been a VERY gusty and stormy February so we hope you guys have all managed to stay safe and the garden is still intact.

March Checklist

In general we are assuming most of you will have been quiet on the lawn front but now is definitely the time to start getting everything prepared for spring. When you do get going, make sure the winter frosts are finished and the lawn is not too wet to avoid any damage.

1. Start your mowing correctly.

  • Make sure the frosts have finished and the lawn is dry enough.
  • Set the mower on the highest setting for the first cut before bringing it down.
  • While you are not supposed to cut more than ⅓ off at a time you may have to do so for the first cut.
  • Afterwards, aim to never cut more than ⅓ off at a time to avoid scalping.
  • Cutting it fortnightly should be okay as the lawn will not be growing quickly.

2. Aeration may be necessary.

  • The moist soil makes aeration easier.
  • Aeration can be carried out from now or you could wait until you are overseeding as it will help create good seeding conditions.
  • If your lawn has poor drainage then definitely consider hollow-tining over spiking.

3. Iron sulphate & moss control - the time is now.

  • March is a good time to kill off any moss infestations from the wetter months.
  • Iron sulphate will also harden the turf, make it more resistant to disease and give a quick green-up effect.

4. Use the right fertiliser.

  • When it is warm enough for the lawn to start growing quicker (this might creep into April), a spring fertiliser can be applied.
  • If you are seeding this spring, hold off on the spring fertiliser and wait to use a seeding fertiliser as you don’t want to over apply nutrients.


5. Service your mower.

We said it in February and we'll say it again! Make sure your mower is in a good condition (in particular with sharp blades). Regular mowing with well a maintained mower is probably the MOST important factor in keeping a high quality lawn all year round. 


1. Kill weeds.

  • Weed controls require the weeds to be actively growing to be effective. It’s not warm enough for that yet!

2. Reseed unless warm enough.

  • Towards the back end of March you may be able to seed but make sure there is no frost on the horizon.

3. Scarify unless warm enough for recovery.

  • It is best to wait until it is a bit warmer to scarify. But as with seeding it may be possible by the end of March.


That's everything for your March update. 

As always, we'd love to chat if you have any specific questions about your lawn.

Looking forward to hearing of and seeing some great lawns from you guys soon!

All the best,

The Lawn Pack Team

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