Spring Lawn Care Essentials

spring lawn care

Spring Lawn Care Essentials

So you're looking at your patchy lawn and wondering how to get your lawn looking lush and healthy lawn. Well follow these principles and say goodbye to bare patches, moss, poor drainage and weeds and hello to a better lawn in good shape.

When should I start treating my lawn?

An ideal time to start your journey to a better lawn is early spring, spring lawn care is arguably the most important for a lawn that will thrive and last all year.

Where should I begin with fixing my lawn?

Most lawns at this time could do with some regular mowing so it's time to get the mower out and let's start this spring lawn care journey together - beginning with the first mow of the year.

One of the main lawn problems for many is addressing those lawn weeds that have been growing and becoming more unsightly as the weather warms and the snow melts. It's time to stop allowing weeds to take over and take back control of your garden. A course of Weedol For Lawns around 6-8 weeks before you plan to apply any seed or feed - you can then rake out (using a spring tine rake) any dead/yellow grass/thatch along with the weeds. If your weeds are quite sparse you can remove these manually from the root using a spade or garden fork without needing to wait to seed your lawn.

What months do I treat my lawn?

So you've scarified, removed weeds, and began to mow - it's time for treatment. You're lawn may have a lot of bare patches, or you're looking to treat the whole garden and improve the thickness of the grass and roots for more durability. Spring (usually mid-April when temperatures maintain 10C consistently) is a great time to start feeding your grass with good nutrients.

Before applying any grass seed you may want to consider what else your grass requires to make it healthy in time for summer.

  1. Use a high nitrogen fertiliser (for top growth)

  2. Apply biostimulant (for denser roots)

  3. Include Iron sulphate in a high dose if you have moss or low dose if you want to make your grass more green

Applying these products will make it thicker, more green and improve soil nutrient levels. Product Recommendation: The Spring / Summer Booster Bundle (it’ll be in stock in a few weeks) Includes lawn feed for Spring. 

How can I make my grass thicker as well as getting a greener, healthier lawn?

You're looking to thicken out your grass and improve the look of your existing lawn.

  1. Complete any necessary ground preparation specific to your lawn e.g. scarification, raking out dead patches, moss control as mentioned above.

  2. Apply a quality lawn seed, seeding fertiliser, and any other beneficial seeding products. 

  3. Watering daily for 2 weeks unless it rains. Watering every other day for week 2-4. Watering a couple times a week for weeks 5-8 if it dries out. 

You can focus the seed on your bare patches on your lawn or do a general overseed.

Product Recommendation: The Lawn Pack or The Lawn ‘From Scratch’ Pack depending on existing grass coverage. Both designed to make lawn care easy for you. 

So when should you apply feed to lawn after this? After week 8 you can apply a high nitrogen feed and biostimulant to help lawn growth on top and at the root. 

How can I make my the soil on my lawn less compact?

Aerating grass when the soil looks rough or compact by using an aerator or a hollow tiner. Aeration to relieve compaction. This helps water, air, and nutrition reach deeper and promotes more rooted growth, enabling thicker lawns while reducing soil compaction. This is also great to improve drainage, a tell-tale sign of this is water logging.

What are the benefits of using a top dressing on my lawn?

Using a top dressing can improve the over soil composition (especially useful if you have clay soil), it can provide much needed nutrients and can help you level your lawn. We recommend it as it can help to improve seed to soil contact when overseeding, improving germination rates of your lawn seed and is easy to apply to the whole lawn.

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Feel free to contact us via email if you have any lawn care questions, our team will be available ALL YEAR ROUND to discuss how you can achieve a better lawn, regardless of whether you purchase our products or not. We are looking forward to seeing some of your results as we start in early spring and into late spring. We hope to see some pictures of your lawns as the grass starts to grow!

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