How to Get a Professional-Level Lawn In 4 Weeks (And Maintain It All Year Round)

14-page guide including the 5 critical pillars of lawn which you can use to create your ideal lawn and maintain it every year, PLUS a comprehensive monthly lawn care calendar.

Contains the following:

1. Think The Best Results Are Only Achieved By Professionals? Nope! You Can Guarantee Results Yourself, EVERY TIME. Choosing Your Products.

2. How To Get Your Other Half Begging You To Do The Same Every Year. Seeding Methodology.

3. Don’t Do Any Of These. You Will Destroy Your Lawn. Dealing With Common Problems & Things To Avoid.

4. How To Have Your Lawn Looking Like Wembley All Year. Maintenance Practises.

5. Follow This Or Risk It Being All For Nothing. Ground Preparation.

PLUS: Monthly Lawn Care Calendar.

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