Top 3 Things For Your Lawn As A New Homeowner

Whether you have inherited a freshly turfed dream or a lawn which needs a lotta lovin', here's 3 things that will allow your lawn to thrive this year.

🕳️ Aeration

Let your lawn breathe and improve the flow of air, water and nutrients throughout the soil.

Use a hollow-tiner (ideally) or garden fork this spring and your lawn will love you for the rest of the year.

🌱 Mycorrhizal-fungi product

Newer and poorly maintained lawns often lack in enough microbial activity in the soil for the lawn to really thrive. Newbuild lawns in particular are prone to becoming sparse within a couple years because of this.

Mycorrhizae are essential for grass health and using a product containing them can increase the surface area for water and nutrient uptake by over 300%.

✂️ Mowing

Sounds obvious but many would be surprised at how much this has an impact on the grass.

Regular mowing = more tillering (the process where your grass produces more shoots) = a thicker lawn. Correct mowing practises will reduce stress on the grass and can make it more resilient to disease, moss and temperature stresses. Incorrect mowing practises can turn a lawn completely yellow pretty quickly.

if you or anyone you know has inherited a lawn which needs a little bit of attention then please take a look at The Lawn Pack. This lawn pack is designed as a simple, stress-free way for all homeowners transform their lawn, regardless of their previous lawn experience. 

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