3 Steps To Quickly Getting Your Dream Lawn Without Hiring A Professional

Ever wish your lawn looked like the ones in the adverts? You will be astounded how quickly your lawn thrives after following these 3 simple steps.

1. Ground Preparation

Ground preparation is the KEY foundation to a great lawn. Without proper prep you can chuck all the fertiliser and seed on in the world and it won’t thrive over the long term.

Essential: Mow it short

Beneficial: Topdressing; Aeration

If Needed: Moss Control; Weed Control; Scarification; Rake Out Dead/Yellow Patches

For more information about ground prep you can check out our guide.

2. Overseeding

Apply a low nitrogen, high phosphorous fertiliser designed for seeding using a handheld spreader for even coverage. These special seeding fertilisers prevent the existing grass from growing too lush. The new seedlings have a better chance of survival as they have more access to light than if a normal fertiliser was used, while the phosphorous promotes deep rooting. Ideal NPK levels are around 6-10-8.

Spread high quality seed suitable for your lawn. Most lawn owners want a fast-establishing, lush lawn which can withstand a lot of general usage from family and pets. A seed mix with a high percentage of dwarf ryegrass is perfect for the majority of scenarios.

For increased germination rates you can use biostimulants and mycorrhizal fungi-based products. Both of these products increase nutrient uptake and overall root mass which means the new and existing grass will be stronger and healthier.

3. Watering

Now all you have to do is keep your lawn constantly moist for germination. The following are rough guidelines but can change based on weather conditions.

  • Week 1 - 2: twice a day if possible
  • Week 3 - 4: once or every other day
  • Week 5 - 8: two or three times a week more heavily

Enjoy Your New Lawn!

Depending on your chosen seed mix and the weather, the majority of the results will typically be seen within about 2-3 weeks. Your new lawn will be ready for more frequent usage after 4 weeks and then will be fully established ready for full use in 8 weeks.

Make It Even Easier

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