3 Key August Lawn Tasks

Keep a lush lawn throughout August while having an eye on Autumn (😧 not already!) 

Your August checklist for achieving and maintaining that thick, green lawn is here.

We’ve still got a few months of sun left for your lawn to flourish in and for you to enjoy some BBQs and cocktails.

Key Task 1 - Watering

The main thing to be aware of this month is ensuring your lawn has enough moisture in any dry spells.

In extended dry periods watering the lawn is the main way to ensure that your lawn doesn’t turn yellow and go dormant. Water deeply a couple times a week rather than daily as watering deeper promotes deeper rooting and a healthier plant.

If your lawn does turn yellow don’t worry. All grass species stay dormant without moisture for many weeks before dying. 9/10 times it’ll come back green again when moisture returns.

Key Task 2 - Mowing

Mow every 4-7 days. If we’re in a long spell without any rain/watering you can extend it to every 14 days as the rate of growth will slow down and you don’t want to stress the grass. 

It’s worth considering raising cutting heights throughout summer. Giving your lawn a high cut makes it less susceptible to temperature stresses like high temperatures and long dry spells. It will also increase the shade on the soil and mean water doesn’t evaporate as quickly. If your lawn is starting to turn yellow in the summer then try raising the cutting height.

Key Task 3 - Fertilising

If you haven’t already, applying a high nitrogen slow, release granular fertiliser is going to give your lawn a real boost above the ground throughout August.

In summer you want to be aware of drier spells so a slow release fertiliser is always best.

Ideal NPK: 19-3-9

Additional Tasks

Wetting agents

Using wetting agents throughout the summer helps water penetrate the soil in dry patches and helps hold the water in the soil so it can be used by the plant for longer. Water retention and water penetration treatments are two different things so ensure to purchase the correct one for your situation.

Weed Control


Iron Sulphate




Pest Control

Mycorrhizal Fungi Treatment

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