Weed Control

Keeping on top of the weed population is important for your lawn to thrive as weeds will compete with your turf for sunlight, nutrients and water. On top of that they can be very unsightly!

Common lawn weeds include: daisy, clover, dandelion, buttercup and plantain.

Weeds that are more difficult to get rid of in lawns and which are more likely to require repeat application include: speedwell, lesser celandine, trefoil, yarrow and self-heal.

You will need to pull weeds manually or apply a quality selective (so you don't kill the grass!) herbicide to your lawn and be sure to take care as weed controls are usually harmful. Some weeds can be particularly hardy and may require repeat application. Keeping a well maintained and healthy lawn will help to prevent weeds from growing in the future.

Weedol usage guide

We recommend Weedol for getting rid of weeds in your lawn. Weedol is a great product which can be used without a license. But as its a harmful pesticide it can be a bit daunting if you've not used something similar before. Here's how to use it:
1. Use either: watering can with a fine rose, or garden sprayer.
2. Dilute as per the instructions on back of pack.
3. Direct away from ponds and other surface water bodies.
4. Wash out sprayer or watering can thoroughly after use.
For best results do not mow for 3 days before or after treatment. Avoid spraying in drought or frost. For new lawns treat in the spring at least 2 months after sowing or laying turf. The new lawn must be growing well. Keep children and pets away from treated area until spray has dried.