Week 1 - 2

  • Greener, healthier looking lawn as the fertiliser and biostimulant condition the existing grass
  • Root systems begin developing through the plant essential compounds and high phosphorus levels which leads to long-term health, increased disease resistance and temperature tolerance

Week 3 - 4

  • Watch your lawn become more and more dense from our fast-acting, Stronger Roots Grass Seed

Week 5 - 8

  • Your lawn will be getting thicker and lusher each day with more established root systems as you follow The Happy Seedlings Guide

Week 9 and beyond

  • Enjoy your new lawn! The Lawn Care Guide and our e-book will assist you from here to make sure that your lawn stays green, happy and healthy for years to come.
  • By following our guidance your lawn will now be:
    • thicker
    • greener
    • more resistant to disease
    • more resistant to temperature stresses
    • more resistant to lawn pests
    • able to compete with weeds and moss more effectively
    • deeper and wider rooter
    • benefiting from improved soil microbiology

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