Pet Urine Stains

Getting a great lawn with pets isn't always an easy task but it's definitely achievable.


GreenUMs or Dog Rocks will neutralise the ammonia in your pets urine which will prevent any lawn scorches from their wee. Keep them in the water overnight to make sure that they are effective. Some pet owners find they need to try a few brands before they find one which is best.

Alternatively people have success with training their pets to not wee on the lawn and provide a separate area for their pets to use. Easier said than done though!

Remedial Action:

Rake out all scorched areas to leave only loosened exposed soil. This is key as this scorched grass will not recover if left. Apply The Lawn Pack using our guides. Follow our watering schedule for the next 8 weeks. Then enjoy your lawn!

Our products are all pet-friendly and non-harmful once applied and dried. We do recommend keeping pets off the lawn for 3 hours post-application of the main pack to allow the products to absorb. For the iron sulphate (applied separately) we recommend to allow 24 hours as it can stain hard surfaces. This avoids pets walking across the lawn while it is still wet and walking it inside or onto patios. Also, we recommend to keep lawn usage to an absolute minimum for at least 4 weeks to allow the new grass to germinate and grow. So might mean some more walks for a few weeks!

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