Aftercare guide

Constant Moisture

Now that The Lawn Pack has been applied to the lawn all you must do is stop the soil from drying out.

Week 1 - 2  - Water with a very fine spray/mist, twice a day if possible (once in the morning, once in the early evening). Large droplets or heavy watering will move or puddle the seed, destroying the even distribution and can even cause seed rot. Until germination is completed you need to keep the soil CONSTANTLY moist to ensure maximum germination.

Week 3 - 4 (or whenever germination is finished) - Water once a day or every other day. If things start drying out, increase the frequency.

Week 5 - 8 - Water more heavily and less frequently; two or three times a week will do.

Week 9 and beyond - Water once a week and keep watering if things get dry. New grass is prone to drying in the first six months.

If the soil is moist from rainfall you do not have to stick to these recommendations.

In warmer periods and during the summer, you will have to increase the amount that you water.

At a minimum, make sure that you keep the soil constantly moist for the first few weeks or your new grass will not germinate.


Depending on the temperature you should start to see shoots within 14 to 21 days.

When the new grass hits 5-8cm you can start mowing your lawn.

Make sure the grass is dry and the mower freshly sharpened. Go slowly for the first few times you mow to ensure the grass is cut as cleanly possible. Mow on the highest setting possible so that no more than 1/3 of the grass is removed. The grass will be quite tender so make big slow turns.

After a few cuts you can start bringing the mowing height down to the desired height for that time of year.


Avoid using the lawn where possible until the new grass has become fully established (usually 8 weeks). Around this time you can apply a season-specific fertiliser to ensure that your lawn has all the nutrients it requires for continued growth.

If you have pets ideally keep them off the lawn for at least the first 4 weeks completely.