Application - 4 Easy Steps

Full guides are provided with purchase but here's an overview of the application required to transform your lawn.

After any required ground prep has been completed you can get started applying your products! Please ensure that you have at least mowed your lawn to around an inch prior to application.

Step 1. Spread Stronger Roots Grass Seed

Spread the grass seed using a spreader or by hand. Ensure an even coverage across the lawn.

1.5. Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer

If you have purchased Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer simply mix with the seed and spread as normal.

Step 2. Spread Seed Starter Fertiliser

Scatter the Seed Starter Fertiliser using a spreader ideally. Ensure an even coverage across the lawn.

Step 3. Apply Biostimulant Booster

Apply the biostimulants using a watering can with a fine rose head or using a pump/pressure spray.

Step 4. Water

The lawn will need watering immediately after applying The Lawn Pack. A light watering with a fine spray to moisten the top inch or so of soil will do. Follow the Happy Seedlings guide for watering requirements from here.

Enjoy Your New Lawn!

Make sure to use The Lawn Care Guide when your grass is established so that your lawn continues to thrive for years to come.