Grass Seed for all UK Lawns & Gardens: The insider's insight article

So you've likely joined a lawn care group and wondering how every other picture is a weed free, sports pitch quality lawn with perfectly straight stripes. Well we want to give you the insiders knowledge so you can have a garden that will be the envy of your neighbours. Let's get to it...

When should I seed my my lawn?


Many people believe that spring is the only time you can seed your lawn and yes there are benefits to seeding in spring but let's consider the bigger picture here. Spring brings with it showers, unexpected frost and cold temperatures. So you really have to be sure that you can expect the soil temperatures to maintain above 10 degrees for the entire time you are seeding to allow for germination. Timing is everything, keep an eye on weather reports and if you time it well then spring is a fantastic time to seed.


Summer can definitely be a suitable time to seed your lawn contrary to popular belief. You might hesitate to do so but with planning the weather conditions can bring faster germination - all you need to do is ensure your lawn stays constantly moist. This might be two to three times a day in the peak of summer. We'd always recommend avoiding seeding if a drought is on the way (hopefully we don't reach the peaks of 40 degrees that we did last year). This summer has already been very forgiving and we've seen some amazing transformations in this damp summer.


Finally autumn, this is much like spring. Don't leave it too late in the year, however we've had people seeding in October into November and they've had great results too!

What lawn seed is best?

Want a lawn which is durable, disease resistant and has great colour retention throughout the year? Which is also very fast to establish? Choose a quality mix of dwarf ryegrass.

Our Stronger Roots Grass Seed is a mix of FERA certified dwarf ryegrass strains for increased resilience, less maintenance and fast results. 40% is tetraploid dwarf ryegrass for extra durability. This grass technology is used to create exceptional playing surfaces. It was used extensively in the 2014 and 2018 Fifa World Cups!

For comparison, dwarf ryegrass takes a couple weeks to germinate and establish whereas fescues can take months to get going!

Benefits of using our Stronger Roots Grass Seed:

  • Very fast to establish

  • Great colour retention through the year (even in drier months)

  • Fantastic durability and disease resistance

  • FERA certified - tested for purity, germination rates, and disease resistance

  • 40% Tetraploid Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass
    40% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass
    20% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass

You can get our lawn seed in our Lawn Pack and Lawn Pack Plus which also contains 4 other beneficial lawn products for the best transformations including a seeding lawn feed. We've sold out of stock a couple of times this year already. Browse our products as we also sell products for lawn maintenance throughout the year.

How long until grass seed grows?

Our grass seed should germinate up to 21 days, as long as the right conditions are met. You may notice that sunny areas germinate faster. However, even after this you can expect your grass to thicken out even more with regular mowing.

How do I get the best result from my grass seed?

Truthfully, there are two things which will either make or break your transformation. Ground preparation and water.

Our Ground Preparation Guide covers everything you'll need to do before you apply seed to your lawn, whether you are overseeding or sowing a new lawn from scratch. It addresses common lawn problems such as weeds, moss, soil compaction and scarification.

Once you've addressed these issues and scattered your grass seed, you can cover the seed in a thin layer of topsoil for extra protection from birds and better seed to soil contact.

Now all you need to do is keep it very well watered, at least twice a day for the first few weeks and more if it's particularly hot.

Grass seed for shade

Our seed mix in the pack is not specifically designed to be shade tolerant but does perform well in shady areas provided there is some sunlight throughout the day. This is because it contains a high percentage of tetraploid ryegrass making it more resilient than usual mixes. 

However if you are particularly concerned about a shady lawn or area or if it receives no sunlight at all then we would recommend to look for some specifically shade tolerant seed mixes online. You might even consider a 50% mix which will provide you benefits of both lawn seed.

Will the grass seed work on my soil?

For clay soils or soils with drainage issues always address these issues before seeding.

To break down clay soils and improve waterlogging/drainage, the following will help:

Topdressing with organic matter (e.g. topsoil, compost) will break down clay soils over time. Topdress once in spring and once in autumn until situation improves.

Hollow-tine aeration will improve drainage capabilities through reduced compaction. Hollow-tine in spring and autumn until situation improves.

For serious cases of poor drainage, drainage installations may be necessary.

What garden products do you sell?

We have a multitude of professional lawn care products for delivery to your home - loved by our customers.

The Lawn Pack

The Lawn Pack Plus

Summer/Spring Booster Pack

Winter Protection Pack

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