Moss Control

Moss infestations in your lawn can lead to a whole variety of issues from poor appearance, poor drainage, outcompeting the grass and developing favourable conditions for pests and disease. Also once they start establishing they will spread across the lawn if left unchecked.

Moss control is achieved typically through the application of iron sulphate.

Iron sulphate is dissolved in water in the correct proportions for your lawn size (5g in 100ml of water per SQM) and applied using a watering can (with a fine rose head for more even spread), hose-end diluter or ideally a pressure/pump sprayer (for the most even spread).

Once this has been applied and the moss has turned black you should rake it out using a spring tine rake. An easier way to extract the dead moss is using a mechanical scarifier which will remove thatch at the same time.

Repeat applications may be necessary as it is unlikely all the moss spores will be removed.

Wait two weeks after applying iron sulphate and seeding as iron sulphate can hinder germination.