Aeration can really turn a lawn around as it allows the lawn to access air, water and nutrients more freely. The lawn can then thrive and the root systems can develop further.

In addition to this it will reduce compaction in the soil which will improve any drainage issues.

The budget version of this is poking holes in your lawn with a garden fork. However this doesn't reduce compaction as it is pushing the soil down and compacting it more.

What you ideally need is a hollow-tiner, either mechanical or handheld. Hollow-tiners will pull cores out of the soil which is fantastic for creating channels for air, water and nutrients to flow through the rootzone more freely. Mechanical aerators will allow you to cover an area quicker and can be rented by the day from places like Hire Station.

It's a great idea to aerate your lawn frequently (once in spring and once in autumn) to keep everything healthy and moving as it should!