3 Easy Steps 

Your lawn is only 3 steps away from being transformed to something you can admire ALL YEAR ROUND. Our full guides go into more detail but here is an overview of the process with a video below.

1. Ground Preparation

Each lawn starts in a different condition so they all require different prep to get it ready for product application and to thrive over the long term. Our Ground Preparation guide goes into more detail about how to identify and carry out any prep required specific to your lawn.

At the very least we recommend to mow your current grass low to prevent competition for light.

2. Product Application

The whole pack can be applied using by hand and a watering can but ideally you should use a spreader for the fertiliser to prevent uneven growth.

  • Spread Seeding Success Fertiliser - spread ideally using a spreader. Also possible to spread by hand but can lead to uneven growth or even scorching if misapplied.
  • Mix Mycorrhizal Seed Enhancer - simply mix the seed enhancer with the seed in the bag ready for application.
  • Spread Stronger Roots Grass Seed - spread grass seed evenly by hand or with a spreader. Walk in lines up and down the lawn to make sure it is even.
  • Apply Biostimulant Booster - mix with water at the rates on the label. Apply using a watering can with a fine rose head or a pressure sprayer.
  • Water - a light watering across the whole lawn with a fine spray so the top couple inches of soil are moist.
  • Iron Sulphate Application you can either apply all the iron sulphate 1-2 weeks prior to the rest of the pack or apply half at weeks 4 and 8 depending on the current condition of your lawn and what you want to achieve. Full details for each option are provided in the guides sent with purchase.

3. Watering

Now the products have been applied all you need to do at this stage is keep the soil moist for germination and growth for at least 4 weeks daily.

Follow our Happy Seedlings guide for your full watering schedule over the coming weeks.

Customers who purchase The Lawn Pack will get more in-depth guides about ways to identify what prep your lawn needs, cheapest vs most effective methods and a seasonal lawn care calendar along with our free ebook: 5 Critical Steps You Must Know Before You Even Think About Improving Your Lawn.

You can also get ongoing support via social media, our live chat or via email.

Here's to your new lawn! 🥳